Blockchain Zoo at Bali Block Confex 2019

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Join us for Block Confex conference about blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, and decentralization with our founders Roberto Capodieci a Pandu Sastrowardoyo.

Block Confex is launching its next big event in Bali, Indonesia, and Blockchain Zoo is taking part in it. The two-day conference & exhibition focuses on topics like Blockchain, AI, Cryptocurrency, Fintech, STO, IEO, Islamic Finance, Web3.0, DAPPS & Decentralization.

The event scheduled for 27-28 September 2019 brings an opportunity to meet a few of the top influential blockchain experts and top officials in the industry and understand the real-time challenges and solutions of blockchain technology.

On 28 September, the second day of the conference, our Founder & CEO Roberto Capodieci is giving a keynote speech on “Proof of… – How Blockchains Are Secured” to bring an insight into the state of consensus algorithms that are being used and developed in the market. Roberto is also participating in the panel discussion about Integrating DLT into Your Business Model.”

Bali Block Confex seeks to show the development and promote innovation in blockchain through the knowledge of more developed markets. Don’t miss the chance to meet some of the key players in the blockchain industry and gain an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology.  

Join us for this conference & come to say hi to our Blockchain Zoo team!

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