Blockchain in the Context of Smart Cities


How blockchain technology can be used to solve challenges of smart cities – a talk with Jochem Verheul from Open Mobility Network at Blockchain Zoo HQ.

As a consequence of the urbanization process, cities have become more dominant, both economically and politically, what has brought great opportunities to them. However, many cities also face huge challenges in managing their complex operations. Sustainability, congestion, unequal opportunities, data management, and privacy are among these challenges while the mobility economy is in the epicenter of these developments. 

Blockchain Zoo is hosting an event with Jochem Verheul, the Founder of Itsavirus and the Open Mobility Network who is going to take a deep dive into how blockchain technology can be used as a tool to solve some of these challenges of smart cities.

Come and join us for the event at our Blockchain Zoo office in Ubud, or watch the event live and join the live chat discussion.

WHEN: Thursday 17 October at 5 PM (UCT+8)

WHERE: Blockchain Zoo office in Ubud or Livecast

Jochem is the Founder of Itsavirus and the Open Mobility Network. As a tech entrepreneur with +10 years of experience, he has been involved in numerous large, often complex and innovative projects and ventures. He was also responsible for the first implementation of blockchain technology in public transport.

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