The First Blockchain Living Lab Opened in Singapore


Singapore’s first Blockchain Living Lab, initiated by Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), SmartMesh Foundation, and MeshBox Foundation, was officially unveiled on January 15, 2020. 

SmartMesh technology, used by the Singapore Blockchain Living Lab, provides the protocol to achieve distributed computing, transactions, storage, and communications. Using this infrastructure, inclusive Finance, Supply Chain, IoT, and Smart City can be attained. SmartMesh and Meshbox are in the works to collaborate with more business partners to increase functionalities on the ecosystem.

The Blockchain Living Lab opening ceremony showcased a live demonstration of two forms of token transfer using SmartMesh applications. Following the launch, 10 access points or MeshBoxes will be installed in the campus for interoperability projects, and for the school to gain understanding and experience the use of blockchain technology in SUSS and daily applications.

The National Trade Union Congress expressed the hope that the Blockchain Living Lab will use the Token Economy in colleges and universities as soon as possible. The officials of the MAS (Money Authority of Singapore) indicated that it would give Blockchain Living Lab the greatest support.

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