The smallest portion of a Zoo. It takes 100’000’000 ZooBits to make a Zoo. That is one hundred million ZooBits for a Zoo.


The ZooBC coin. 1 billion Zoo will be created by the coinbase in a long range of time (50 years?).

Zero Knowledge Proof

In cryptography, it enables one party to provide evidence that something happened to another party – all without revealing private details.

Zero Confirmation Transaction

Cryptocurrency transactions are confirmed at regular intervals. New transactions have zero confirmations, which means they have not been verified yet and are less reliable.


A formal, scientifically-written description of an idea or project. Whitepapers cover the theory and practical applications of cryptocurrencies, as well as many technical details.

Web Wallet

A type of cryptocurrency wallet that is online (hot storage).


A digital wallet is where cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are stored. More specifically, coins are actually stored in the blockchain itself – to which the wallet merely gives access

Vanity Address

A cryptocurrency public address (see above) that includes custom letters and numbers that are human-readable. An example would look like 1r4523COINCOIN7u01174234kf.

UTXO (Unspent Transaction Outputs)

Certain blockchain systems such as Bitcoin use the UTXO model. In this model, the Unspent Transaction Output describes some digital money that has been sent from one wallet address to another but has not yet been “spent” by the receiver (i.e., transferred from the receiver to somebody else). Therefore, the outputs of a blockchain transaction …

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Utility Token

A token that grants owners access to useful products or services on the Blockchain, thus providing utility to its owners.