Blockchain against fraud

Globally firms lose more than $7 billion due to internal fraud schemes every year, can Blockchain put an end to this?

The future of Work

The freelance economy is consistently growing. Here’s how Blockchain can help overcome some of the many shortcomings in the freelance ecosystem.

Climate Blockchange

Climate change is unquestionably one of the most pressing issues facing modern civilization. Blockchain technology provides one of the keys to solving it.


One of the most-commonly asked question people have about philanthropy is transparency. Blockchain has the answer.

Blockchain Rhapsody

The international federation for the Phonographic industry found that 38% of people worldwide obtain music via copyright infringement. Blockchain is here to fix that.

Blockchain Academy

Transparency, security, and immutability are three things (of many!) that Blockchain offers for a brighter future. Are you ready to use it?

Blockchain in Media

The potential of Blockchain in the media industry is not just disruption of existing business models – it means creation of the new ones 

Tuna Tracking on Blockchain

From the sea to the plate, the journey of Tuna can now be traced on the blockchain to meet ethical business standards.