What Is Blockchain?

Considering we’re in a pre-tech Pen and Paper area. How would the blockchain transaction work in the ‘crypto’ aspect?

Proof of Work

Some tech experts believe that Proof of Work is a technological dead-end, while others think that you cannot have a blockchain without this consensus algorithm. What is your perspective? Is Proof of Work dead?

How Small Businesses Approach Blockchain Adoption

Even though blockchain technology is still in the growing stage, up to $22 billion worth of ICO was raised in 2018 to fund blockchain-based companies. While some businesses are in testing and research phase, some others have successfully adopted the technology into its core businesses. In #BlockchainBeyondHype episode 7, we met Francis Hutley, the Co-Founder of BlockSmart, to find out how small businesses approach blockchain adoption.

Centralized vs Decentralized Exchanges

When the storm of cryptocurrencies came, many cryptocurrency exchanges arose, facilitating convenient trading on their platforms. Though efficiency is being provided, some may forget the security risk related to keeping all the funds in a centralized manner. In the fifth episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype, we are talking with Artur Zaharov, the Product Manager of the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange Hodlhodl, about the pros and cons of the centralized and decentralized exchanges.

The Social Impact of Blockchain

By enforcing transparency, blockchain is the perfect solution to establish veracity. The potential implementation may vary from giving refugees an identity to tracking recyclable product by giving each physical product a digital identity and establishing the transparent market.