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Just how smart are smart contracts?

“Smart contract” is among the most popular blockchain terms, also the most misunderstood. People often think that smart contracts have to do with contract documents and the word “smart” that gets attached to it often causes people to have high expectations of the technology. In fact, smart contracts have nothing to do with contract documents and they can also dumb things when handled by incapable developers. If this description just confuses you more, then you should go watch this podcast, in which Blockchain Zoo CEO Roberto Capodieci will delve deeply into the subject of smart contracts, to get a picture of what smart contracts really are.

Find out more about the subject matter here, in conversation with Blockchain Zoo CEO Roberto Capodieci.

Host and Script: Sebastian Partogi

Videographer: Putu Christian Welly Robin

Speaker: Roberto Capodieci

Expert consultant: Jaspal Singh

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