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the Real Satoshi Nakamoto, Would You Please Stand Up?

In this episode, we will bring you a horror story: Satoshi Nakamoto’s mysterious disappearance. A little disclaimer: if you are alone at home and it’s already late, do not watch this video because this is guaranteed to send you the creeps.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of an individual or a group of individuals who invented the bitcoin in 2008 as a response to the global financial meltdown triggered by the US property bubble. Nakamoto wrote a white paper which not only laid down the concepts and laws of the bitcoin but also contained demo findings, which have proven that the cryptocurrency is tried and true as a system.

Despite the significance of his contribution to the development of decentralized systems, Nakamoto continues to remain sort of low profile. He has never made any public appearances. Nobody has ever seen him in person. The most bizarre part: he virtually vanished in 2011, when people have no longer been able to contact him through his online directories.

People love great mysteries and hence they have come up with lots of different theories about who Nakamoto could possibly be. Various people have claimed that Nakamoto is actually computer scientists Nick Szabo and Dorian Nakamoto — yet both men have vehemently denied they were Nakamoto. At the same time, an Australian scientist named Craig Wright is currently legally contesting his right of being acknowledged as the real “Nakamoto”, despite many blockchain practitioners remaining adamant that, taking into account Wright’s encryption abilities, he could not have been Nakamoto.

So, who is Nakamoto and why he has chosen to disappear into the background all this time, despite his global fame? What happened when he, all of a sudden, ghosted everyone in 2011, just after his invention bitcoin had taken global fame? Is it possible that he’s died now, or become the victim of forceful disappearance for threatening to shake up the status quo enjoyed by the centralized financial system? The Nakamoto saga remains one of the most fascinating mysteries of our times.

We will talk to Blockchain Zoo CEO Roberto Capodieci in order to add some signal among all the noise regarding Nakamoto’s true identity.

Host and Script: Sebastian Partogi

Speaker: Roberto Capodieci

Videographer: Putu Christian Welly Robin

Expert reviewer: Jaspal Singh

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