Consensus Algorithm Infographic

Consensus algorithms are what make the blockchain network so secure and decentralized. A consensus algorithm is a mechanism used to achieve agreement on a single data value among distributed systems.

Is Proof of Work the Ultimate Solution?

Decentralised systems have been in the ‘limelight’ only recently, specifically blockchain. In the daily lives of people the understanding that something can be managed in a decentralised manner is a topic that has just begun.

Cryptographic Hashing

A function that takes an input and outputs an alphanumeric string known as the “hash” or a “digital fingerprint” of input data (bits).

Investing in Crypto

Willy Woo is an analyst and partner at Adaptive Capital who pioneered the field of on-chain analysis. In this talk, Woo presents engaging visualizations of data to give the audience an overview of the market including the past