Blockchain in Supply Chain

Why use blockchain in supply chain? What limitations does it overcome? Learn more about the benefits, risks and use cases of blockchain in the supply chain.

Dairy on the Blockchain

There are over 270 cows producing milk across the world. Blockchain can help track and trace dairy products and their journey to supermarkets.

Wheels on the Blockchain

Mercedes-Benz is developing a blockchain platform to increase transparency and sustainability in complex automotive supply chains.

Drugs on the Blockchain

Tracking and tracing products is critical to industry’s ability to detect and remove potentially dangerous drugs from the drug supply chain.

Diamonds on the Blockchain

Every year, about 4% of natural diamonds are mined unethically. Blockchain can help fight not only the “blood diamonds” trade, it can bring more transparency to the industry¬†

Wine and Chain

Not only providing provenance, TATTOO also allows all consumers and distributors to buy and sell wine, schedule and track shipments, monitor warehousing and delivery, and arrange for and track insurance coverage.

A Cup of Blockchain

Globally, about 500 million smallholder farming households earn less than $2 daily. Can Blockchain change this?

Beauty and the Blockchain

Blockchain brings transparency to cosmetics supply chains, providing truth about the journey of your cosmetic products

Blockchain Powered E-Commerce

The last decade has seen a boom in e-commerce. Following this growth, however, numerous concerns arise. Blockchain is here to address them

Blockchain for Ethical Fashion

Blockchain technology can help the fashion industry trace and track apparel through the supply chain – helping the industry move towards more ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices.