Blockchain in Supply Chain

Why use blockchain in supply chain? What limitations does it overcome? Learn more about the benefits, risks and use cases of blockchain in the supply chain.

Waste Management on Blockchain

How can we turn everyday waste into reusable resources like fuel, energy, and more recycleable materials? Swachhcoin might have a solution.

Blockchain against fraud

Globally firms lose more than $7 billion due to internal fraud schemes every year, can Blockchain put an end to this?

Blockchain for Identity

The case of Toufic Al Roujla, aka the invisible man, brought concerns around identifying refugees to the forefront. Here’s how Blockchain can help.

Blockchain for Digital Ads

By directly connecting advertisers to publishers, Blockchain is providing a more efficient ad-buying mechanisms than other bidding sites.

We Vote for Blockchain

Voting is the beating heart of democracy. Here’s how Blockchain is making voting safe, secure and anonymous.

Energy Trading

As demand for energy keeps rising, Blockchain is enabling individual home owners to sell their surplus electricity.

The future of Work

The freelance economy is consistently growing. Here’s how Blockchain can help overcome some of the many shortcomings in the freelance ecosystem.

Climate Blockchange

Climate change is unquestionably one of the most pressing issues facing modern civilization. Blockchain technology provides one of the keys to solving it.