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Decentralization and Digital Content Management

Currently, social media giants have taken disproportional control over our data privacy, rights and remuneration. The centralized nature of our current platforms have given them so much power, while costing us our freedom of speech and rights to fair financial compensation for the digital contents we’ve produced. Can decentralization possibly revolutionize digital content management and helping content creators take back their rights? Find out more in this talk show, with our IT expert Adela Negara.

Host and Script: Sebastian Partogi

Speaker: Adela Negara

Videographer: Natasha Willya Ocoaira

Expert reviewer: Jaspal Singh

For more information, head to and be sure to download the first volume of the “the journey toward decentralization” series here: (if you want buy the physical book, or the Kindle edition, you can find it at….