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How NFTs can revolutionize content sharing

More and more people are selling their stuff, from digital contents to a house to their souls (you bet your life this happens!) as NFTs these days. Out of the many ways that the NFTs have spiced up transactions in the blockchain, they are especially useful among digital content creators, including visual artists, musicians, videographers and writers, who can receive fairer compensation for their works by selling these as NFTs. The NFTs allow the content creators to access their audience directly instead of having to go through middlemen like production houses and social media companies who often squeeze disproportionate amount of money out of these content creators for the huge profits that these creators have made. Our IT Expert Adela Negara will explain how and why NFTs will revolutionize content sharing in our times.

Host and Script: Sebastian Partogi

Speaker: Adela Negara

Videographer: Putu Christian Welly Robin

Expert reviewer: Jaspal Singh

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