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Security Issues in Blockchain

Legend has it that blockchain is a system which is completely hacker-proof. Yes, the peer-to-peer network is the most difficult system to attack but it doesn’t mean that they are completely immune to it. In the most recent case of Coinbase attack in early 2021, a hacker conducted a double-spending operation, in which he rewrote transaction history, thus doubling the amount of cryptocurrency he has, sending a bogus payment report to several people without having the corresponding amount deducted from his account. Want to know more about how blockchains can be hacked and the security measures it currently puts in place? Watch this episode featuring our colleague Adela Negara!

Host and script: Sebastian Partogi

Speaker: Adela Negara

Videographer: Putu Christian Welly Robin

Stylist: Winarsih Tohir

Expert reviewer: Jaspal Singh

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