Creating a ZooBC account (Article)

In this tutorial, we are going to learn  how to create a ZooBC account, which requires a simple step only. As simple as it sounds, all you need to do  is just to follow these directions:

  1. Go to your browser and search Once you are inside the webpage, you will see that its connection is not secure.  This is because the webpage doesn’t connect to the centralized server yet. As we all know, a centralized server is going to be a single point of failure while it is serving the wallet in the network.  Instead, the wallet  forms peer-to-peer connections with the rest of the network.  If the website is secured using “https” it will not be allowed to connect with the IP address of the nodes; that’s why we use “http” instead of “https” here. 
  1. Click the “create the new wallet” button. Please note that because this is generated for you on the client’s side, make sure to write down your password and the seed phrase and store them in a secure place, so as not to lose/forget them. Afterward, click “Understand”, then click “reveal the seed phrase” to see the key. 
  1. You can see from the screenshot the words which are generated to me upon completing the course of action outlined above. If you look at the top left corner, you will see an option which enables you to pick the custom language you prefer to run the system. Well, in this case, I’ll stick with English. So I’m just going to copy the whole seed phase and I’m gonna save it to the text editor. Just to remind you again, please save this key in a secure place but easy for you to find, so as not to forget/lose it, because once it’s gone, it can never be recovered. 

  1. Next, tick the form below to make sure that you agree with the term and condition and declare that you have saved the seed phrase. 

  1. On the next step, the system will ask that you give the seed phrase word. Here, it asked me to give the word from number 23 and number 23. So I go back to my text editor to look up the word which comes along with the number 23, which is “dust”, and, after it’s done, I click “create the wallet”.

  1. Then it will ask to set up your pin and confirm. As instructed, click the “confirm” pin, and with that, your wallet has been created! Now, let’s take a closer look into each of the functions. 

  1. When you click the icon above, you can see your whole ZooBC account address. Now, I will copy the account address and paste it into the same file where I save my “safety phrase” in the text editor. We will find this address useful when we register the node.  
  1. Then, if you wanna manage and create a new account you can do it by clicking the account logo below. Then, click the “add new account” function, then name it.. Here, I simply named it “Account 2”. Afterward,click “add” and a new account was created!

  1. As you can see, there’s a checklist on the left side of account 2. It means that when you go back to the Homepage, it will reveal an information about account 2. 
  1.  Now, let’s talk about the setting. Here, it has some of the options available, the first one is “Add a node admin” which we will do later. If you click the “settings”, it will show more of the option for instance you can see below that you can connect the wallet with your main network if you set up your own blockchain. It also can show you a seed phrase in case you lost it. 

  1. Now, let’s log out from the account and log back in using the pin that we had set up earlier; now you can easily access your account. But, in case you reset some of 

the data, you need to log back in using a slightly different method. If that would be the case for you, all you need to do is just go back to the text editor where we saved our seed phrase, and copy all of those. 

  1.  To log in, click the “restore wallet” option and paste all of the phrase words. The system will then request your pin information after you enter your pin, you can once again access your account. This is how you restore your account. 

And if you want to log into your account from your iPhone or Android (we also available on Appstore and Playstore) devices, make sure to login by using the “restore wallet” method, so you can have the same account from your desktop and phone!!!

Now, we’ve finished creating our ZooBC wallet!!! If you want a step-by-step audiovisual instruction, y check out our video on YouTube on creating a ZooBC account  See you on our next tutorial!!  Ciao