Installing ZooBC node in the Raspberry Pi

In this episode we test the installation of the ZooBC node software in the Raspberry Pi. We had feedbacks that the setup may not work, so to be sure we did our test. Running the Raspberry Pi in a local network with a local IP address, in fact, doesn’t let the other peer reach the RasPi. Some router configuration for port routing must be done for the node to work properly.

In this series of tutorial we guide step by step those that want to help the development of DecBC by hand on coding. From the node setup to all the tools to create decentralized applications, plus the insight to help code on the core node software, tutorials can be made by the community for the community. We are offering the incipit with the first few episodes.

For more informations, head to and be sure to download the fist volume of the series “the journey toward decentralization” here: (if you want buy the physical book, or the Kindle edition, you can find it at…