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About DecBC

DecBC is the new challenge for Blockchain Zoo, an association of blockchain experts and technology professionals, established in 2017. DecBC, the evolution of ZooBC , aims at being a platform which helps more individuals and institutions benefit from decentralization, beyond just its financial aspects.

DecBC aims to offer a peer-to-peer (P2P) network infrastructure to its adopters, to manage identities, contracts, workflows, titles, documents, and many other datasets for use cases related to GovTech, RegTech, supply chain, trade and many more. DecBC uses native transaction types to provide essential instruments to deploy decentralized solutions more efficiently and with enhanced security.

The core difference between DecBC and ZooBC is that ZooBC has been built as a functional product starting from an abstract concept, while DecBC works on the evolution of ZooBC, which is a tangible application that developers, users, and software architects can use as a starting point. Thus, DecBC is, in simple terms, a more evolved version of ZooBC.

ZooBC, representing the first phase of Blockchain Zoo’s decentralization roadmap, was developed in 2019 and 2020, in an intensive and extensive process involving an in-house team of experts, to be finally completed at the end of March 2021, while DecBC, to chose, architect, and code its functionalities, opened its evolution to the community on both ends: from a steering committee made of experts, to the open source community (insert hyperlink to website page for bounties). This way, DecBC has become a truly decentralised project. Blockchain Zoo, the company behind all this, acts only as a foundation and the bridge between the steering committee and the developers.

DecBC, the second phase of this long journey toward decentralization, starts in June 2021 to end in December 2022. The DecBC development will see the involvement of highly qualified decentralization experts that will contribute specific knowledge to the project in alignment with their fields of work. Relying on their expertise, we will be able to shape DecBC as the platform to be used for any decentralization need, providing a perfect tool for clients in various industries willing to decentralize, improving their operations along the way.

The DecBC foundation is managed by an in-house functional team which bridges and coordinates the project between the steering committee and the open-source community. See in the diagram below how the structure is organised:





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