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Steering Committee

As decBC is a decentralized implementation, the decision making has to be decentralized, with people from all walks of life with the right knowledge, position and influence joining our steering committee to make the right decisions.

This block will comprise people from various non-technical expertise fields (including, among others, business and marketing) who can help steer, promote, and enhance the decentralization solution development.

In order to spread the buzz about decentralization, we are enlisting people of prominent positions across various sectors of endeavors. Essentially, supporters of decentralization engaged in activities to further promote its adoption, that are joining us to help the cause.

By nature, these decentralization enthusiasts come from a very diverse range of sectors, owing to the very versatile application of blockchain in various industries (e.g. a supply chain bigwig supportive of the adoption of blockchain, an industry consortium representative willing to decentralise the infrastructure between the consortium members, a content distribution agency CEO promoting the sale of digital artworks through NFTs, a public policy academic supporting technocratic bureaucratic reform, etc.)

You can nominate a person you think is worth being in the steering committee. Later, once the nominees have been shortlisted, you can vote for your best nominees through the DecBC website to make sure the DecBC is led by the best people in their respective fields. To truly decentralize our DecBC management, we will make the meetings of the steering committee members available on a weekly basis through video or website posts.

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