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Team DecBC

The in house team of the DecBC foundation is composed by the following people

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Chain commander

Roberto Capodieci

He sets the chain of command in the Dec BC into action.

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The Evangelist

Jaspal Singh

He is a blockchain evangelist, converting people to become believers in decentralization not using personal approach by going door to door but en masse through social media

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Social Media Psychic

Scott Larsen

As a social media psychic, he is able to do readings, except that his readings have nothing to do with the supernatural world at all; his readings foresee marketing and business trends


Talent Scout

Sandy Arifin

He is responsible for pulling together professionals who have the right talents and the right attitude in their respective fields to take the decentralization solution to the next high



Winarsih Tohir

She’s responsible for running the daily show on the DecBC office, “setting the stage” for steady business operations and growth


IT bricklayer

Ngurah Diski

He makes sure the DecBC’s IT infrastructure is always up and running.

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Legal Justice Warriors

Cynthia Setia

She is the legal justice warrior seek to make sure that the entire business operations comply with the Indonesian government’s legal frameworks


Shakes-peare to peare

Sebastian Partogi

Like the dead 16th century English playwright, he is nimble with words. The only difference is: instead of weaving words about tragedies, he is weaving words about peer-to-peer networks.

Visual coolie

Welly Robin

From setting up camera and fixing audio challenges to directing tapings and selecting graphics, equally strong in technical and aesthetical production aspects, he is an all-around multimedia genius.
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The taxman

Two things are inevitable in human life: death and taxes, the epitome of the second inevitability

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WordPress Wizard

Knowing how to work magic on the wordpress software to produce a marvelous website


Graphic Creature

Gita Pradnyandana

As the graphic creature of DecBC, he makes sure all illustrations and graphics accompanying all our publication materials look good


Blockchain Guru

Adela Negara

She makes super-complicated blockchain concepts easy to understand.


Julia Martinez

She presents our YouTube videos helping viewers understand basic concepts and ideas in blockchain technology.





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