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DecBC is a Decentralized Applications Platform based on blockchain technology and secured by an innovative consensus system based on Proof of Participation

DecBC marks the second phase of our decentralization journey, bringing lots of new functionalities essential to this technology, most importantly a tangible proof-of-participation (PoP) consensus work which can be grasped easily by users thanks to its great user interface (UI).

DecBC is the evolution of ZooBC, the brainchild of our first decentralization phase, in which we set ourselves apart from other blockchains through a new consensus mechanic which has expanded fully beyond simply financial functions. ZooBC also has a refined PoP which can authenticate all individuals participating in the network

Our most current initial node offering (INO) will be organized in three different rounds: a private sale in May 2021 and a pre-sale period in June 2021. The sale will be open to the public from July 2021 oneward.
We conducted our first INO for ZooBC in 2020, with the astonishing record of 200+ nodes sold, with 100k+ coins being mined since then. Armed with the lessons learned on what went right and what went wrong in our first INO, we can assure you that we can make our current INO for DecBC better this time. This is your chance to be a part of the next evolutionary step of our decentralization journey.

The Community

We are driven by an idealist zeal to truly decentralize the development of our DecBC project. Therefore, we have decided to enlist members of the public to join our DecBC community. By joining the community, you can contribute to the development and implementation of the new technology.

The community comprises three main elements: steering committee, decentralization advocates and regular users.

The steering committee comprises people from all walks of life who can lend their expertise to spreading the buzz about DecBC through various marketing and promotional activities.

Decentralization advocates comprise prominent people across various sectors (retail and finance industry, thinkers and academics) who believe in the goodness of decentralization.

Finally, we will also rely heavily on regular users to give us feedback on the technology’s application. We reward the most active community members with bounties

DecBC is a technology which allows users to benefit from the goodness of decentralization beyond the financial sector. DecBC can be applied, among others, to improve the efficiency and transparency of supply chain and waste management, government e-ID issuance process and bureaucratic procedures. DecBC sees the evolution of the ZooBC, from an initial prototype into a solution which has much more functionalities


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Curious to learn more about DecBC? You can access our wallet for a try-out, read documents and papers documenting the development of the solution as well as user reviews here to grasp a better sense on how the technology works.

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