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Armed with the lessons learned from our first ZooBC INO, we now want to turn the DecBC INO into something powerful. For this reason, we organize the INO in a layer two solution in the Ethereum, making it super-cheap to register and sign in the NFTs, while still being able to guarantee that it remains 100 percent cryptographically safe.


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Max NFTs for sale:


Max DBC coins for sale:

Based on liquidity provided by ZooBC Node Owners

INO Phases:

Private Sale: May ‘21;
Pre-Sale: Jun ‘21;
Public Sale: Jul ‘21 to Nov ‘22

Trading of the NFTs:

Available immediately in OpenSea & other (d)ex.
 Ends in Nov ‘22

NFT price:

Starting at USD 999 each,
increasing daily to USD 4999 each

DBC price:

Starting at USD 9.99 each,
increasing daily to USD 49.99 each

DecBC aims to have at least 3.000 nodes running at its launch (31st December 2022).

There are only 5.000 Genesis Block Accounts spots available. About 200 are already assigned to the owners of ZooBC Genesis Block accounts. In December 2022 a snapshot will be taken, and ZooBC active nodes will have the same ID, balance, and account in the DecBC Genesis Block. All the ZooBC active accounts associated with a node will also find their balance in the DecBC blockchain, the node in the registry with the recorded participation score. Other accounts will have the option to swap ZBC for DBC at a market rate.

Each DecBC Genesis Block Account purchased at the INO can optionally, and based on availability, be pre-loaded with 100 DBC coins (or more) that will be available as balance at the launch of the DecBC blockchain. This option creates a special ZooBC deposit account whose balance will become the initial balance of their assigned DecBC account. 

For example Bob purchases at the INO the DecBC Genesis Block Account ID 1234 and activates a ZooBC deposit account associated with it (he does this by purchasing 100 DBC coins). All the ZBC coins sent to that deposit account before November 30, 2022 will be converted into DBC coins and will be available as initial balance of the DecBC account Genesis Block Account ID 1234.

The INO is divided in 3 phases:

  1. Private Sale in the month of May 2021
  2. Pre-Sale in the month of June 2021
  3. Public Sale from July 2021 until November 2022

The DecBC Genesis Block Accounts are put for sale to the public as NFTs starting the 1st of July 2021 at an initial price of USD 999 each. The cost of the Genesis Block Accounts will increase daily to reach USD 4’999 at the end of November 2022.

In the same manner, the cost of 100 DBC coins to be added as balance of a Genesis Block Account, to create a ZooBC deposit account, will also increase daily starting at USD 9.99 each (USD 999 for 100 coins), with daily increases, to reach the cost of 49.99 each at the end of November 2022 (USD 4999 for 100 coins). Limited on liquidity from ZooBC node owners.

This means that purchasing a DecBC Genesis Block Account and DBC coins from the shop at will cost more each day that passes.

The first day of the public sale, the 1st of July 2021, accounts are for sale at USD 999,00 each and coins are for sale at USD 9.99 each (in block of 100 coins); The following day, the 2nd of July 2021 accounts are for sale at $1.006,74 each and coins are for sale at USD 10.07 each (in block of 100 coins).

The day 24/10/2021 accounts are $1.888,75 each and coins are USD 18.89 each;
The day 25/10/2021 accounts are $1.896,49 each and coins are USD 18.96 each;

The day 11/1/2022 accounts are $2.499,97 each and coins are USD 25.00 each;
The day 12/1/2022 accounts are $2.507,70 each and coins are USD 25.08 each;

The day 29/4/2022 accounts are $3.335,56 each and coins are USD 33.36 each;
The day 30/4/2022 accounts are $3.343,29 each and coins are USD 33.43 each;

The day 29/11/2022 accounts are for sale at $4.991,26 each and coins are for sale at USD 49.91 each (in block of 100 coins); The last day of the public sale, the 30/11/2022 accounts are for sale at $4.999,00 each and coins are for sale at USD 49.99 each (in block of 100 coins).

Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges

The purchased NFTs with the DecBC Genesis Block Accounts will be tradable in centralized and decentralized exchanges. Those that purchase during private sale and pre-sale, will be able to resell the NFTs with the Genesis Block Accounts to a price lower than the price offered at the shop in this website.

Use of the funds collected with the INO

The funds collected through the sale of the NFTs of the DecBC INO will be used to support the development of functionalities chosen by the public, to fix bugs present in the ZooBC code, to prepare educational material and promote the project. The core functionalities we will focus on, for DecBC, are the Decentralized Applications and Blockchain Objects (see page 15 and  page 51 of the ZooBC book ).

The aim of this second phase, and implementation of DecBC, is to decentralize the implementation process. To know mare read the following articles in Medium

Technical details

DecBC NFTs are managed in Polygon/MATIC, and the contract is here: 

When purchasing in the INO, all you need is a new Ethereum address where we can send the NFTs, and Metamask in your browser to later register your DecBC data in them, or to transfer the ownership if you resell them.

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