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Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin white paper and introduced everyone to its technology, blockchain seems to have gained a life of its own and has become a subject of interest across a wide variety of industries. Several businesses have started operating with new business models based on decentralized systems.

With an INO, organizations can turn their businesses into decentralized platforms which can accommodate all or part of their business workflows. Decentralizing individual elements, flow of transactions, profit channels, and also ensuring growth of the ecosystem are just some of the advantages of a system running on a peer to peer network.

INOs can be applied to projects aimed to decentralize flows and business models of several different industries. Agriculture, banking, healthcare, education, e-commerce, property, mining, retail, transport and logistics, media and entertainment, automotive… the list goes on. A thorough understanding of its implementation will show us the areas where it can be applied and in what way.

If you have your own project and you aim to decentralized it, you want to launch it by conducting an INO. We are more than happy to offer our experience, technology, platform, and proof of participation system as the backbone of your project, thus helping you conducting an INO, and decentralize your project.

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