It is fair to say that we have already been experienced in conducting an INO; the first time we did it was in 2020. It was the first INO ever done we had ever done and it was quite successful as we sold more than 200 nodes. We were selling the nodes at US$150 each.
The number of nodes sold on our first INO was quite impressive considering that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were not yet mainstream at that time (as we all know, the hype surrounding the NFTs has started to happen only recently, in early 2021).

We have also learned a great deal from our first INO in 2020, so we can now strive to make it better. We were using ZooBC in 2020 as DecBC the new blockchain had not existed back then.

To increase our trustworthiness in the INO, we want to leave a copy of the genesis block of the new blockchain, to lay the groundwork for the new DecBC blockchain when it starts. To create a genesis block in a tamper-proof way, anybody can at anytime look at the NFTs in the blockchain and see if there’s a full match to the one they operate. By proving that we did not tamper with the genesis block of the ZooBC in creating the new one, people can verify that the node they buy with the DecBC is a legitimate one.

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