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Books make a big chunk of our publication activities. Our long journey toward decentralization, which comprises five phases, will be marked by five volumes of books, part of a series which seek to help readers understand blockchain and its development, offering a sneak peek into things we will enjoy in the years to come as the technology gets more advanced.

The first volume about ZooBC, titled ZooBC: New Strategies in Blockchain, has already been published and distributed in a hardcopy format, while a softcopy format of the book is available on sale via Amazon. You can also buy the book via our shop. You can also get the book for free in pdf format.

As we are embarking on the second phase of our decentralization journey with the DecBC project, we are currently documenting the whole process in our second book titled DecBC: Decentralization Applications. We are decentralizing the writing of the new book, thus allowing you to contribute to the book by adding your thoughts and ideas on this GoogleDoc file. We are going to upload the file so people can find it.


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