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Developers of ZooBC

Each phase of this long journey toward decentralization is characterized by very unique settings due to very specific requirements. Phase 1, the creation of ZooBC, has been the most difficult. First of all, it requires working collaboratively with a very strong team comprising excellent talents to turn abstract ideas and concepts in someone’s brain into a working and functional concrete output.

Working collaboratively actually means sitting alongside each other through intensive meetings and discussions within which we expect to gather constant feedback on the coding process. The fact that many small teams are coding small pieces of the application simultaneously makes the process even more intricate. Assembling these different pieces into a single application that works smoothly has its own enormity.

The first phase is also a complex one owing to its long roadmap. This is understandable as the reliability of the first phase platform, ZooBC, will serve as a foundation that holds the weight of the following four phases of the decentralization journey. It is analogous to building a five-story building, whereby first and foremost, the constructor must make sure that the ground floor comes with large foundations to support the four floors which stand on it. Now, you can see why our team had to be extra meticulous in ensuring that ZooBC architecture is strong enough so it can sustain the next phases of the development of technologies for decentralization with no problems. We architected ZooBC with a lot of features that are not used at the moment but will be key for the needs of the next future. We saw very well that adding “layer two” solutions to scale and expand a system that wasn’t build to scale is a complex endeavor that doesn’t really solve the bottom layer limitations. Yet, against all odds, our team has been working together to find solutions to the seemingly insurmountable elements of the first phase.

ZooBC Team

So, all things considered, yes! Kudos to the team that has worked on creating, deploying, and debugging ZooBC. As the two years of hard work by this excellent team have come to a conclusion, while I’m embarking further on the road of the decentralization process, I have created this page to recognize the team members that are now walking their separate ways, upon finishing the work they have done impressively throughout 2019 and 2020 to build ZooBC: the first, and most important phase of this long journey toward decentralization.

I will not mention below those that will join also phase two of the journey toward decentralization, as this page is meant to offer the due credits for those that left and are moving to different adventures in their life, special mention:

Barton Johnston

Barton has set, together with myself and Stefano Griggio, the incipit for ZooBC. It has been an excellent architect and analyst with the ability to find solutions to the most complex cryptographic problems. I feel blessed to have worked with him in the past 3 years, and surely ZooBC wouldn't have become reality without Barton's precious help.

Ahmad Ali Abdillah
Ahmad Ali Abdillah

Ali is one of the nicest people I been blessed to meet. Not only he is smart and an excellent coder, he also has an ethic and professionalism that I have met in very few people. I have been honored to have him working with us on ZooBC.

Stefano Galassi
Stefano Galassi

I have been working with Stefano for many years, and I have always admired how precise he is in all the things he does. Has deep knowledge and understanding of decentralized systems and he is a person I know I can fully trust. I am sure our professional paths will cross again, and I look forward to that day!

Andy Herman
Andy Herman

Andy is an excellent developer, and I am glad he been part of the ZooBC team. He has contributed profusely to ZooBC code, and he provided great solutions to various obstacles the development has faced. I wish him the best in his career in decentralized systems. I am sure he will be very successful!

Heriono Sim

Heri has been in the team for the initial part of the implementation of ZooBC, but he been a key in discussing the architecture and the theoretical aspects of the platform. He also produced some incredible sets of applications that have been key for the deployment of ZooBC.

From now on I will limit to mention the names and individually thank each of the other people that have been a central part of the team that been working on ZooBC in the past 2 years and that now, as the work is concluded, are taking steps on their own enriched with knowledge on decentralization and blockchain!

Kevin Hadi

Thank you for the hard work put into ZooBC, and I wish you the best for the future!

Gede Sukra

Thank you for the dedication in helping with the implementation of ZooBC!

Kadek Dwi Aryasa

Thank you for all the work you have put into making ZooBC a reality!

Gungde Surya

Thank you for the dedication in helping with the implementation of ZooBC!

Gede Yandi

Thank you for the time spent with the team in making ZooBC possible!

Eko Santoso

The support, help, and work you have put in ZooBC has been essential for making ZooBC possible. Thank you!

I Gede Tirtanata

Thank you for all the work, passion, and time put into making ZooBC what it is now!

Bagas Agastya

I want to say thank you for the work and support you have put in coding ZooBC


Thank you for being part of ZooBC team, and have contributed to its success!

Zaenury Adhiim

Thank you for having taken care of so many aspects of ZooBC UI and Web wallet!

Thomas Budhi
Thomas Budhi

Thomas, thank you for being part of the team, and have contributed to ZooBC implementation.

There are many more contributors and ex-employees of Blockchain Zoo that deserve mention as they had contributed to the success of this project. My apologies for stopping here, but you all are not forgotten and are very much appreciated. It is thanks to us all, mentioned and not, that ZooBC has become a reality. And has set the seed for the journey toward decentralization. So, one more time, thank you to all the supporters that have helped during the past two years to make ZooBC a reality!

Roberto Capodieci